Pokemon gives Fans Anime Flashbacks with Serena Easter Egg

Pokémon finally brought Serena, the favorite of fans, back to anime with the most recent episode of Pokemon Journeys, and consolidated his status as a favorite among fans with a rather ingenious Easter egg. The most recent iteration of the franchise has seen Ash Ketchum and Goh explore each anime region presented so far, and the previous episodes have seen Ash meet with many familiar faces of the past. But as the episodes continued, there was still a main character about which fans have been asking for an update after many of Ash’s other travel companions returned to anime in some way.

Viajes Pokémon The most recent episode finally brought Serena back to anime after six long years with Ash and Goh returning to the Henn region, and although much of the episode actually get lost from seeing again, actually there was a moment that He revealed that traveling with Ash really had a great impact on her. Speaking with Chloe about whether Chloe should or not participate in a next Pokémon contest, it actually serene quotes something that Ash told him when she was at a crossroads! You can check the comparison below as seen by @ashandserena on Twitter:

Episode 105 of viajes Pokémon brings Serena back to anime, since she is revealed that she is still opening her way through the Pokémon contests in the Hoenn region. When Chloe is recruited to participate in the next, Serena ends up helping her decide what to do. Chloe was nervous about participating, but Serena tells him the same thing as Ash had told him a long time ago. Depending on the translation, basically equals to tell Chloe that simply do something and, whether she is successful or not, at least she will get something important from the experience.

Everytime Ash likes or protects Serena

It is a pretty subtle Easter egg that consolidates even more how much Ash had meant for her during her time together, and unfortunately it is not until the end of the episode that fanatics can see Serena and Ash cross once more. It is only for a short time, but she shows that her paths can be totally different at the time they still mean a lot of one for the other after all this time. But what do you think? Did he catch this callback from Serena in the most recent episode? What did you think of her’s return to her anime? Let us know all the thoughts of it about it in the comments! You can even communicate with me directly about all animated things and other great things. @Valdezology on Twitter!