Translation and marketing support to games that prepare for overseas,

Gyeonggi-do is a 2022 global market commercialization support (compatible support) support (compatible support) participation (compatible support) support (compatible support), which supports direct entry into the game.

This project supports 25 projects and supports direct entry into overseas markets for about seven months. A total of 650 million won, a marketing 10 companies, and 15 companies are recruited by dividing support fields. We have established the translation field to solve the problem of the immersion of the immersion in a linguistic expression that is unnatural or culturally not conformed to the local user.

If selected in the translation field, the text translation ▲ translation language quality test (LQA) ▲ is supported by local optimization technical support. Subsequently, the marketing field provides ▲ marketing ▲ game testing ▲ local optimization technical support, and can be supported according to the situation.

Commercialization support is a game or domestic service, which is an imminent game or domestic service in the game developer in Gyeonggi Province, If you have plans to enter a new area, you can also support the game that is being overseas.

Marketing sector is transferred from the 18th to the 18th, and translations are recruited through the Global Global Global Game Center Official Homepage until 3 pm on the 21st, and not duplicate applications in two areas.

Park Jong-il, Gyeonggi-do, “Commercialization support is a business that supports marketing and translations, which is a non-medium-sized company that wishes to enter global marketing,” said, “The excellent small and medium-sized Indie games, I wanted to participate in companies. “

For more information, please contact the Global Global Global Global Global Game Center Official Homepage and Gyeonggi Contents Promotion Agency Homepage Business Announcement or contact the Gyeonggi Content Promotion Agency Game, Digital Innovation Team (031-776-4781).

Entry mode decision - Internationalisation - Global Marketing

Meanwhile, a high-emission cat and soup, which have received commercialization supported in 2021, has achieved sales of W3.1 billion in sales and 611 million in 4 months, and attracted 200 million won investment from Neowiz.