How to use a set for disguise, and then place weapon schemes on SynaPse Station in Fortnite

Season 2 Chapters 3 Fortnite Returns with another set of quests and tests for the week 3. The last test in the quests of resistance this week is to go under the cover in a hidden mission to help resistance in their battle against IO. At the request of the imaginary NPC, your goal will get into the Synapse Station in order to place the weapon schemes dressed in the masking kit.

It is important to remember that before entering the SynaPSE station you need to wear a camouflage suit. The masking suit can be found in the portfolio, right on the top of a small boulder, to the left of the pond. Exact location, see markers on the map below. As soon as you wear a suit, go to the SynaPse station.

Once inside the main POI building, the location of the weapon schemes will be near the conveyor, right next to the garage. As soon as you find yourself next to him, he will start glowing. Just come to it and keep the interaction button To complete the quest. Completion of this quest will give a huge player 23,000 experience . After completion, the voice behind the scenes will begin with the Imagined, hinting for new quests that will appear in the coming weeks.

Use a Disguise Kit, then place Weapons Schematics in Synapse Station Location - Fortnite

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