FC Bayern | Thanks to Wild Card in the royal class? That says Oliver Kahn

On Wednesday evening (from 21:00 clock), FC Bayern starts in the quarterfinals of this year’s Champions League, at Spain at FC Villarreal. Meanwhile, the view from Board Boss Oliver Kahn is aimed at the medium-term future of the largest European association competition.

From the 2024/2025 season, the Mode of the Champions League is clearly reformed, should create new incentives for clubs and viewers and become even more lucrative.

One of the most basic innovations in the European royal class from 2024 will be that it will be occasionally possible to qualify for the Champions League by Wild Card regulation.

A point that is discussed differently and violently in the individual fan bearings.

“You can certainly argue about that,” Although Bavaria’s CEO Oliver Kahn also admitted in conversation with the “Wednesday evening Image”. At the same time, he defended the reform of UEFA, led: “Allow me a counter question: If a club in the Premier League or Bundesliga becomes fifth, but before the Champions League has been won twice, he would not be there anyway, but would not be there in the Play Europa League. He can start the best coefficient now in the Champions League. Is that unfair? “

Oliver Kahn - Top 10 Saves for FC Bayern

FC Bayern last 15 years ago not in the premier class

According to Kahn so it was not a real wild card, “as a performance criterion is based on the five-year rating.”

Especially in the English Premier League, it had always happened in recent years that European Großklubs like Manchester United or the FC Arsenal could not qualify about the national championship for the premier class.

Incidentally, FC Bayern had missed the qualification for the Champions League in the 2006/2007 season as a Bundesliga fourth.