Bandai Namco Entertainment: Interest in cooperation with fantasy

After George R.R. Martin could work together Bandai Namco Entertainment in the future with another fantasy author to tell epic history as in Fromsoftwares Elden Ring.

The US author Brandon Sanderson is known for his works and rows Mistborn, the storm light chronicles, Alcatraz and more.

For the Publisher Bandai Namco Entertainment, he could write a story for a soulbourne game in the future

ELDEN RING - CircleToonsHD Collaboration

The interest in cooperation is definitely given. Because Sanderson received an elden ring package from the Publisher. In the enclosed note stood that you would have been interested in Bandai Namco.

On the question of what was on the note, Sanderson said, “You are interested in making something together, that says everything. That’s what I’m actually. So I’m now: I actually have an offer for you in mind… So I may have to send you my offer and see what you think of it. “

Like Sanderson, he already asked himself the question of what he would do if he ever had a Soulsbourne game. He would do it like that at Magic The Gathering. At that time he wrote a magic story for four years and when they have contacted him, he already had a parate.

A story for a Soulsbourne similar Siel he already in mind. You may hear something about him. And he always has ideas anyway.

Whether from Software interested in implementing a game based on a history of Sanderson? Another developer would also be in question, after all, Fomsoftware does not belong to Bandai Namco.