Where to find fiber in Core Keeper

Core Keeper consists of several useful resources that will help you create various types of items. One of these resources is Fiber, and in this manual we will show you where to find Fiber in Core Keeper, as well as its use.

How to purchase fiber in Core Keeper

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Resources in Core Keeper help create various objects from weapons and armor to even bags. All this can be done, just exploring the depths of different dungeons and finding a resource for your choice.

Although at the beginning of the game you get a bunch of fibers as a reward, as soon as the slot opens, you will be provided by yourself, and you will have to look for in the wild to find more.

Now, to find fiber, you must find biomas of clay caves. This place is very different from the rest, and you will be easily found it, as it is surrounded by pink color with clay walls.

Inside the cave you will find the fibers of two sources. The first creature is a worm. The creature must be killed first to get fiber as a drop-down subject.

Please note that the worms can be both large and small, depending on where they are found, and large deliver more problems than small ones. Therefore, watch them.

You can also get fiber from pulsating pods, as they provide a sufficient amount of fiber scattered throughout the region.

Searily the inner part of the cave, you will stumble upon a set of seeds of the larvae of the drip. Just plan them and get fiber for their growth.

Finally, you will get fiber from wooden boxes, which can usually be found in rural areas.

Using Core Keeper Fiber

The fiber is one of the most valuable resources that can be offered. The ability to create armor, bags and other items are considered the key to your survival in the wild. That is why the fiber attaches such great importance in the game.