“The whole series is a great idea crucible” -Introduction of the movie “Sonic” director

Overseas Media IGN has published an interview with director Jeff Fowler on the movie “Sonic The Movie / Sonic VS Nuckle’s” to be released this August this year.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (2022) -
The movie “Sonic The Movie” series started from 2020, “Sonic VS Nakles” is the second. In the future, we are showing a great excitement such as making the production of the third and original television series.

In the interview, Fowler is not necessarily a “linear progression” as evid to imaging, and it is not always a “linear progression” as expanded along the time series of game series, but rather 30 years of history I want to use the whole “Ideas’s crucible” .

In addition, even if the details will be in detail, the idea is that “not predictable is more interesting to be more interesting than the decision to go in order”, and as an example, the first “Sonic The Hedge” Comment when the “Labyrinth Zone” stage appears.

However, for the “important scene here” such as the downstream of the tornado, we are examining and introducing from the early stage of planning stage, and it seems to be polished to make the fans be rejewable.

“Sonic The Movie / Sonic VS Nakles”, which was full of production teams, is scheduled to be released on August 18, 2022.