False information: Juve, Napoli & Co threatens Justitia

The clubs, five of which are playing in series A, have booked much higher capital gains and performance claims for players in their financial reports, as permitted by applicable calculation rules, the FigC announced on Friday evening.
In addition, law enforcement reported at 61 suspects, including managers and managing directors of associations.
According to the prosecutor’s office, the series A-Clubs Juventus Turin, SSC Naples, CFC Genoa, FC Empoli and Sampdoria Genoa are affected.
The remaining clubs play in the second league series B or lower.

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Sampdoria Genoa expressed itself by message to the case.
The club has always acted according to the applicable laws and standards, it was said on Friday.
According to “Gazzetta dello Sport”, the case will end up in court.
The accused must expect a fine.
If the managers spoke guilty, a barrier threatens to them.