Spielkultur: Game is added after purchase by crypto industry with negative reviews

Players of the Free-to-Play Autobattler Storybook Brawl desire that the game is immediately removed by Steam, as PC Gamer reports. The reason for this is the purchase of the developer by the Krypto Exchange company FTX US. There you do not make a secret about where to go with the game. In a statement, it is said that this is a “possibility of pioneers for an ethical integration of gaming and crypto transactions.” In a video, the founder of Good Luck Games, Matt Place, talks about the future of his Studios. He realizes that by taking over a significantly higher budget is available and you want to transform the carattler into a triple-a game. When it comes to integrating blockhain technology, he does not know exactly yet In what form this is used, however, emphasizes that of course everything is ethically correct and will mean a lot of fun for players.

How a Cryptocurrency Exchange Works

The fans of Storybook Brawl see that a little differently. After spoke of thousands of very positive reviews in the press release of FTX, the evaluation of the game to “mostly negative” changed shortly thereafter, with only 17 percent of the recent reviews recommend the game. Due to the free-to-play character of the title, it is particularly prone to this so-called “Review Bombing”. However, many negative reviews of players are also partly hundreds of playing hours. “I can not tickle a game that NFT / Blockchain offers a stage,” writes a USER with 252 game hours whose review of more than 400 people was helpful.

Other players, however, want the game to be removed by Steam. The Steam guidelines prohibit “programs based on blockchain technology and allow an exchange of crypto currency or NFTs.” At the moment there is no official statement of Valve about the future of Storybook Brawl.