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Skyrim: 300+ mods make it a whole new game

If you want to see the Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim once again in a new light, you only have to install the right mods for it. A fan now shows the beautiful twist with 300 mods.

With 300 mods Skyrim gets beautiful

The huge role-playing game The Elder Scrolls 5: Sykrim has a incredibly vibrant modding community . Not all are only interested in transforming dragons in Thomas the locomotive. With the right mods you can experience the world of sky edge again completely.

The reddit user 955Starpooper shows in a video how the game is driven with over 300 mods to its limits. Tallway suddenly grand is just in nature. Everywhere new trees and plants and even cats spread now through the streets of the Nordic city. In addition to the many additional details, the significantly improved lighting effects are also available for a more vibrant environment. (Source: Reddit)

955starpooper reveals that already many Ultra 4K videos have already seen Skyrim, but they were not really playable. Thanks to a Lets Play, however, he found a mod list that makes the game look fantastic without crashing . The list comes from the Youtuber Gronkh. (Source: Gronkhs Skyrim mods)

Of course, in addition to the mods, you also need a proper PC . In the comments under the video, the user writes Rimuru Tempest that he could roast a breakfast on his calculator, he should try to play.

If you want to improve your Skyrim experience , our colleagues of Giga Games also have put together a comprehensive mod guide for you.

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This mod makes Skyrim into a whole new game

With these mods The Elder Scrolls sees: Skyrim as good, as if it had appeared last week . Do you want to put you again in the wonderful world of sky edge? Write us in the comments.