Gusta is a full offline exhibition, from April to participation.

The Gusta Organizing Committee (Organization Committee) said this year, Gusta is a normal presence of Corona 19 and expanded offline exhibitions.

The Organization is that the cultural physical education events such as current exhibitions and performances are normalized, and in the first reorganization of the progress of the exhibition and fair in the first reorganization of the step-by-day restoration on March 1, The situation was comprehensively reviewed and decided.

In this regard, the participation policy is reorganized to begin preparing for events early on both participants and the Gestars. It is possible to apply for existing early acceptance, regular acceptance to regular acceptance, and participation is possible at the Jupa 2022 site.

Pushing Limits- Children's Culture & Diversity in Vantaa (Tikkurila Library 18.11.2021)
As a result, we will proceed to the field reception, early receipt, and general reception, and the establishment of the established site reception in a total of three stages, and the newly established field reception is promoted in advance, From 2:00 pm, Gesta 2022 will start reception.

Then, according to the offline normalization plan, the Gesta 2022 BTC exhibits expanded space. Last year, the “BTC-BTB Hybrid Zone”, which was demonstrated to the BTC tube (the first exhibition), was expanded to expand the BTC-BTB Hybrid Zone in the BTC Pavilion (the first exhibition) separately in the second exhibition hall. General participants provide more attractions and experience, and determine detailed positions and areas, depending on the acceptance situation and application scale, and the like.

In addition, the organization plans to reorganize additional participation policy, and improves the qualitative improvement of the normalized GST after corona 19. The improvement of the exhibition environment, expansion of convenience facilities, expansion of units, and expansion of linkage programs, and the expansion of the exhibition, and the expansion of the association program will be aimed at further reorganization and will be released separately through homepage.

Meanwhile, the Korea Gaming Industry Association hosted by the Korea Gaming Industry Association and the Gusta Organizing Committee and the Gestivate Agency, and the Gesta 2022 shall be held from November 17th to 20, and the superiority of the superiorly to be implemented in April Proceed from 4th.