Dfb-antragal abegeneous: framework tubers at conferg

In July, the Em of women in England goes over the stage. With the DFB-eleven. That will consist of 23 players. An application of DFB to extend the squad to up to 26 players due to the ongoing corona pandemic, was rejected by UEFA, as Voss-Tecklenburg announced as part of a video press conference on Wednesday.

The Federal Trainer would have liked to enlarge the prescribed 23er squad for all EM participants, “that we may nominate 25 or 26 players,” to absorb failures. “That will not be the case,” explained the 54-year-old. “What is not quite clear is the topic of postnonomies, should it give coronary failures.” Depending on the development of the pandemic, it is to be examined whether postnominations may be possible if necessary on certain conditions, “said TeMManager Maika Fischer.

We still have to shape a bit to perform.

Martina Voss-Tecklenburg

Before the World Cup qualifiers against Portugal on April 9 in Bielefeld and against Serbia on April 12 in Belgrade, Voss-Tecklenburg has to do without some EM candidates, the Corona outbreak at Meister FC Bayern does not make things easier.

Whine? Voss-Tecklenburg tries a different approach

“That we currently have failures, is not beautiful,” but whining does not want the national trainer, “but we try all the more, again and again the players who are there to continue to take a little, continuing to inquire, Our game principles are understood. »

“We still have to shape a bit to perform,” Voss-Tecklenburg said. This applies to the two World Cup qualifiers as well as for the EM in July.

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