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Core Keeper Azeos the Sky Titan Boss Гайд

Azeos, Heavenly Titan, is the fourth large boss whom players must win in Core Keeper. The following manual explains where to find and how to defeat the Azeos of Heavenly Titanium in Core Keeper.

how to enter the desert of Azeos

Azeos is located in the desert of the Azeos, the biome, which must first unlock. Start with the victory over the three global bosses: depighted with a vague mass; Mountains Eater and mother hive.

They will leave after themselves three gems that need to be placed in the appropriate shrines before activating the kernel. After that, interact with the core, and you will get access to the desert of the Azeos, the starting point for Edgeim’s content.

Where to call Azeo in Core Keeper

You need azeos scanner to find a boss in his biome. Start with the creation of an ancient hologram from the statue of the mother’s hive in the kernel.

Place the land capsule to create a hologram that sells two subjects: Azeos, a skiing titanium scanner and a large shiny shimmering object. You need to create them both.

The materials necessary for the manufacture of the scanner are five ancient gems, five mechanical parts and ten ancient feathers, which you can easily find on Earth in the Azeos desert.

The scanner will inform you the location of the boss with a red circle on the map, and as soon as you find yourself there, you need to place a brilliant shimmering object. This object in the shape of an egg will cause the boss to start the battle.

How to defeat Azeos, Heavenly Titan in Core Keeper

It would be better if you had a runic song, ancient kirk, scarlet armor, necklace with a larva egg, a necklace with a copper cross, a ring of a clutch, a ring of caveman and several bombs when you encounter Azeos in the game. In addition, pack crisp cheese with mold, satisfying pepper wrapper and the keeper’s potion for such a necessary advantage.

Now go to the arena to prepare for battle. There are empty space around the arena. You need to build bridges at least four of these areas. The bigger, the better.

Then you need to eat your food to prepare for battle. Throw the egg down, and the titanium will appear.

The boss attacks blue light rays that you need to avoid. These rays will take about forty percent of your health when hitting.

Azeos likes to create crystals that help recover his health. You need to destroy these crystals with the help of the scarlet Kirk so that the boss could not rejuvenate his health.

There are three types of thundering rays. Crossing the rays that pass through each other in parallel and perpendicularly. The rays of the new are moving towards Azeos and from him. Random rays are formed and moving in unexpected directions.

Azeos can also teleport on the map, so you need to remember this during the battle.

CORE KEEPER AZEOS BOSS GUIDE - How To Summon And Tips For Beating The Sky Titan!
As soon as you will master the skill of evasion, you need to be patient and beat Titan whenever you have a chance, as well as shy away from its rays and destroy its crystals.

For the victory over Azeos, you will get the soul of Azeos, an ancient gem, golden ore, scarlett ore, a heavenly ring and a broken handle.