Bandai Namco Gundam Metabus

Bandai Namco introduced the future strategy in the “3rd Gundam Conference”, which announces IP related business. One of the core is the Metabus.

According to the contents presented at the Gundam Conference on-line, the current Bandai Namco is “Connection” that is important through the IP. The fans of Bandai Namco and the “Gundam” were linked through dreams, play and impression, to make a focus strategy called “Connect With Fans”.

The first step for this is the Metabus. The world’s fans are gathered and talked to the virtual communication space to create various content. Bandai Namco emphasized that she said, “I do not go to the completion of the meta bus, but to step on steps and build a basis.” First, we plan to create a virtual community for each category to connect them to Bandai Nancho ID.

The virtual community assigned to each category is made of ‘space colonies’ concept. In the Gundam> Worldview, Humanity has launched the artificial space residence called ‘Space Coloni’ for the universe, which means to make the metabus world using the concept. It plans to be a “Side-G” to make space colonies for various fields such as animation, games, and music (Gundam Pramel), and music.

In other words, it is a story that Space Colonies for a variety of themes are present in the Gundam> Metabus Worldview, and to find community activities in colonies with the desired theme.

The first thing to be built is the “Giffella Coloni”. As a virtual space that can make various experiences associated with Giaflah, you can scan the Gearla with a maiden or actual ghuflah, and you can proceed with the “Gear Battle” that can be battle with others.

The details are not revealed, but they are speculated as the story that the animated will be able to spread the battle that utilizes Garflah in the virtual space. Other than this, ‘Giffellin Online Course’ or Gupra Conference ‘is in the concept.

Bandai Namco has been tested for the Virtual Space ‘Gundam Bass Virtual World‘ associated with Giaflah in 2021, and based on this, she said she plans to test the “Giffoke Coroni” in the fall of 2022.

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The second-planned category is e-sports. Bandai Namco is aiming to launch ‘e Sports Coloni’ on Gundam Metabus by 2023. To this end, we plan to launch FPS in 6 VS 6 format.

In addition, it is related to the released as PS4 in July 2018, and it is said that based on two games, we plan to conduct e-sports for IP . E-sports colonies have not been introduced to be able to do any activities in connection with two games.

Information on new animations was also released. TV New Animation, which is scheduled for October, is the island of Kukurus Damage “Mobile Suit Gundam Kukurus Damage.” plans to publish information through prologue, etc. from the summer of 2022.

Finally, Bandai Namco announced its detailed plan for the ‘Gundam Universal Century Development Action (GUDA (Gundam University Century Development Action). Series is a project that is a project to be used to reflect on the real world by leveraging the power of IP, using the power of IP, as a work that deals with the problem and conflict that the future human race can experience.

To this end, Bandai Namco said, “Gundam Open Innovation”, conducted a collaboration with partners in various fields, and has been planning a “universe declaration” with performance announcements in the “Osaka – Kansai Expo” in 2025.