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Hogwarts Legacy: If you are a fan of Harry Potter you will want these personalized ps5 with the houses of magicians

With the very recent announcement of the already expected Hogwarts Legacy, many future players of what is already emerging as one of the logo games of the coming months and they are already producing much related content. This new game today, a RedDitor has published images of PlayStation 5 personalized with the different homes of Hogwarts… and the result is awesome!

PS5 with the colors of Hogwarts houses

It is U / Geraltze in the subnetdit dedicated to Hogwarts Legacy who is at the origin of this excellent idea: to offer a version of PlayStation 5 dedicated to each of the houses of the famous School of Magi. Although at the moment these are only unofficial artistic concepts of a license fan, we can dream that the idea will come true.

Hogwarts Legacy - State of Play Official Gameplay Reveal | PS5, PS4


Naturally centered on the red together with the gold, the colors badge of the most famous home of Hogwarts, the PS5 concept in the colors of Gryffindor is, according to the comments we have read in Reddit, one of the most appreciated. We can see “basic” elements that are in each of these works, but also the emblem of the house and, more subtly, also a unique ornament dedicated to him on the back of the console.


Surprisingly, Hufflepuff is offered to himself as a really amazing and funny version of the Sony console! Despite a yellow that can be too striking at first glance, it combines perfectly with the black background, which is also emblematic, like it or not this color that is usually very little appreciated. Naturally, the badger, flagship emblem of the house, is present on the front face, while the Logo of this and a dedicated ornament are on the back side. An excellent surprise, we would almost like to have it in our hands. Although it is Hufflepuff and…


The violet blue of the serdable house, of course, is present in its dedicated version of PS5. The same elements that the other editions are visible both on the front and on the reverse, however, we regret that the adornment on the reverse fight for being visible since it is dark on a very dark (black) background. However, in our opinion, it is still one of the most beautiful editions proposed by this artist if we really appreciate the animal that is the real eagle… we also suspect that it is pro-raven, the logo of the house in the background is alone Exhibited for this house.

Small surprising and unfortunate point: there is no bronze in this version of the console. Although white sits perfectly, the bronze color is emblematic of the house and it would definitely be deserved to be present. But the black background may have done it too dark, hence the presence of white instead.


The Slytherin edition of PlayStation 5 seems more sober than the comrades of him, but also more “aggressive” if we can say it, and that is quite normal and sought. The presence of snakes, the flagship emblem of the famous Tom Riddle house, among others, does not really reassure and is rather a good thing for a house often associated with the “bad” in the saga. However, we regret, as well as other redditors, that the logo on the front of the console is less visible and recognizable than in other houses. As for the colors, everything seems fine: green and white-silver are present.