“Witcher” series new work is under development with Unreal Engine 5! CD ProJekt Red and Epic Games Technical Partnership

CD ProJekt Red has officially announced that the new work ** of the “Witcher” series is under development and released a teaser image.

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The new work won more than 250 GAME OF THE YEAR Awards, and the two extended content “Heart” and “Blooded Beautiful Sake” have been released. Work since the “Witcher 3 Wild Hunt”. The Tizer image published this time is described as “A New Saga Begins (Open Card)” with medals that symbolize “Witcher”.

In addition, CD Project Red was developed based on the company’s proprietary redengine since the “Witcher 2 King’s Assassin” released in 2011, but this time a technical partnership over multiple years with EPIC Games Signed and announced to move the development environment to his Unreal Engine 5. This partnership includes not only the Unreal Engine 5 license, as well as technical alliances in the development of Unreal Engine 5 and later versions.

# # Cd Projekt Red CTO Paweł Zawodny

“CD ProJekt Red is an effort to renovate the company’s internal operation policy as a core element of” Red 2.0 “, and partnership with Epic Games is also part of that. General license agreement As well as long-term partnerships, both companies have been discussing. The two companies have been discussing. In the development of new titles, it is more important to determine the technical guidelines as fast as possible. We have so far Each time I work on a new title, we have spent many resources and effort to optimize RedEngine. By technical partnership with EPIC Games, it is so far to be able to use state-of-the-art game development tools, so far As mentioned above, the development period becomes easier to calculate and efficiency will increase, so you can expect improvement in various aspects. You can use Unreal Engine 5 to be very happy to develop the best game. “

# # Epic Games founder and CEO TIM SWEENEY

“EPIC has been developing Unreal Engine 5 so that various teams can create a dynamic open world that pursued overwhelming scale and reality. Through partnerships with this very honored CD ProJekt RED, We believe that at the same time as interactive storytelling and gameplay new roads, we believe that the entire development community can provide long-term benefits. “

Currently, the development period and release date have not been clarified for the “Witcher” series new work. In addition, regarding the extended content of “Cyberpunk 2077” scheduled to be released in the future, we will continue to adopt RedEngine.