CyberPunk 2077 fans are wondering if the game still receives two extensions

When the brand new Witcher game was announced yesterday – Developed using Unreal Engine 5 – CD Projekt Red also said that the next extension of CyberPunk 2077 will always use the studio’s red red engine. However, the company’s statement on this subject raised a few eyebrows due to its use of “expansion” rather than “expansions”.

For reference, here is the tweet:

In this spirit, fans are now wondering if CyberPunk 2077 always receives two extensions. Even before it released, the CDPR publicly stated that the Open World RPG would receive more post-launch support than The Wiccher 3 – and that would include two paid extensions, similar to what has been added to the great adventure of Geralt. The developer has since reiterated throughout the life of CyberPunk, referring to “Expansion 1” and “Expansion 2” in the press documents and the support road leaves.

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Now, obviously, things did not go well for CyberPunk 2077 at launch. The game has been essentially delivered unfinished – especially on the consoles – and other complications caused by the pandemic have forced the CDPR to considerably modify its roadmap after the exit, even to the point of delaying the PlayStation 5 version of CyberPunk in 2022.

It is fair to assume that all this has had a training effect with regard to the above extensions. It may well be that a single extension is guaranteed at this stage, and the wording of the CDPR certainly suggests that it only thinks the first extension for the moment.

A tweet of the main designer of the quest for Cyberpunk, Pawel Sasko, only reinforces this, in which Sasko writes: “We work hard to offer you the best extension # CyberPunk2077 that we can only do and I am personally fully focused on it, my chooms “.

So yes, it’s a bit odd that the CDPR specifies “extension” rather than “extensions”. We are sure that everything will become clear in a relatively close future, but in the meantime we contacted the CDPR for clarification. We will update this article if we hear something back.