Steam: The most popular graphics card is a real surprise

The current evaluation of the Steam hardware survey will provide a surprising result. According to the statistics, most gamers are still putting on a NVIDIA graphics card, which is now almost 6 years old and can be purchased for 200 euros: the GeForce GTX 1060.

Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060: Steam’s graphics card king

Never Change A Running System. This principle seems to take many PC players especially to heart – this reveals a look at the current results of the Steam hardware survey.

Once a month, Valve collects the hardware data of its users after consent, evaluates them and presents the results. To set more than 75 percent still on Windows 10 as operating system, more than half of the users has installed 16 GB of RAM and 67 percent of the PC players continue to use a full HD monitor.

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Most Popular Graphics Card On Steam Vs $700 Laptop

It is really interesting, however, if you throw a look at the most popular graphics card. There is no current model, but actually a well-left mid-range graphics card, which has almost 6 years on the hump: The GeForce GTX 1060 (Source: Steam).

The result is likely to worry at first moment for raised eyebrows, but results in a closer look. The GeForce GTX 1060 belonged to the absolute bestselling models of her generation, as it was considered a real price-performance killer . And today, the graphics card can still keep up well – especially because most players are still putting on Full HD. On medium graphic settings, the GTX 1060 continues to provide passable frame rates.

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GTX 1060: NVIDIA graphics card costs 200 euros on eBay

In addition, the prices for graphics cards have exploded in the last one and a half years. A cheap upgrade to a current model with more power was not the debate. In recent weeks, however, the prices for graphics cards have fallen slowly again. Good possible that the GTX 1060 will soon be inherited from a higher model.

On eBay the GTX 1060 is currently trading for around 200 euros (watching eBay). For a used middle-class graphics card, which now has almost 6 years on the hump, the beginning likes the beginning quite high. But if you think that the graphics card offers the same performance as the RX 6500 XT, which costs about 220 euros (view on Amazon), but 2 GB offers fewer video memory, the pricing gives quite sense.

We are curious how long the GTX 1060 can still defend its top place. Through the falling prices, we assume that Steam could soon have a new graphics card king.