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AC Valhalla: The cats in the Ragnarök

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla has recently received an enormous extension with the Ragnarök-DLC. In the DLC it goes to Svarthalfaheim, the realm of the dwarfs. But other creatures also frolic in the corridors who are friendly to you. A player has even discovered a funny gimmick.

Valhalla cats love laser pointer

In a video clip, the Reddit User shows how to manipulate the local cats. With the help of a light beam intended for a puzzle, he can animate the cats to hunt it:

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The cats behave as well as in true life, because even in reality, there are many cats, a laser pointer or other points of light. This is a really nice detail and shows how much love the developer team has put in the game.

Also in the comments shows that many players are enthusiastic about the detail. User TheallknowingMedjay writes, for example, that he wants to try this attempt once. Twinsong loves the many extra details to the Assassin’s Creed Games.

The launch trailer for the Ragnarök-DLC can be found here:

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Technically not done

Assassin's Creed Valhalla: Dawn of Ragnarök - Cinematic World Premiere Trailer

Nevertheless, the Ragnarök-DLC has also struggling with less pleasing details. For example, the game crashes at irregular intervals, for which there is no solution yet. The Twilight Pack, which received pre-orderers, also prepares problems.

But despite the many problems, the cat’s detail shows what is behind the façade of game errors. In our Ragnarök-DLC test, we reveal you which advantages of Ragnarök-DLC has and what innovations brings the extension with it.

What is it? In the DLC this time Odin is the protagonist and has to save his son of Baldr, as this is held by the Fire Giant Surtr. As a all-father, she travels into the home of the dwarfs and would have to scare the entered giants there. For this you have many magical powers available for more action.

Did you discover other details that you like on the Ragnarök-DLC?