What the new Tweets of Hideo Kojima reveal about its next game

Some Tits of Hideo Kojima have attracted considerable attention, as they can offer clues about what combustion of solid metal_ and varant of death The Creator is working. Since the launch of Varada de la Death in 2019, there have been many rumors and speculations about what Kojima is working. And these rumors have varied enormously. The most common rumor has been that Kojima is working with PlayStation and Konami to revive its canceled colinas silent_game. The second most common rumor affirms almost exactly the opposite, affirming that Kojima is being associated with Xbox for a new game. There have been some other rumors as well, but none of them has been very important. Meanwhile, according to Norman Reedus, Kojima is working on _Varada of death 2. If this is true, this would be a project with PlayStation.

So, what transmits the new tests of Kojima about the work in progress? Well, they seem to suggest that he is working with PlayStation. One of these tubs reveals that Kojima has been using a prototype of Sony Teleconference Teleccand called MADO. The product has not yet come out, so it indicates that he is using it. In addition to this, he has been using a PlayStation movement capture study. If that was not enough to convince you that Kojima and PlayStation are working together, he recently also received flowers from the head of Playstation, Jim Ryan, and Kiichiro Urata de Sony.

Hideo Kojima's Next Game LEAKED?? - Sounds Like A Kojima Game...
Next, you can see the tweets for yourself:

For now, take this speculation with caution, but these tweets are revealing. At a minimum, they almost confirm that Kojima is not working on an Xbox game, at least not exclusively.

As expected, none of the parties involved, being Chief Hideo Kojima, has not been addressed in any way. We do not expect this to change, but if he does, we will make sure to update the story accordingly. Meanwhile, as always, feel free to share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section or, alternatively, contact me on Twitter. @Tyler_fischer_ and let me out there. What do you want to see next to Hideo Kojima?