The Elder Scrolls Online

Elder Scrolls Skyrim player buries sleeping Jarl under an item

The community to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim simply does not tired of testing new things in the now 11-year-old RPG. A player has recently made it to the task of taking various NPCs on grain. This time it hit one of the Jarls.

Jarl will be victim witty prank

What’s it? On Reddit Lataitequila invites you to clips from Skyrim, in which she buries sleeping NPCs under Items, which she finds in the houses of them. The latest victim is Jarl Balgruuf, which lies silently in his bed before finding himself behind a wall of vases, plates and cups:

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Elder Scrolls: Skyrim - The Full Story
Other NPCs have already suffered from the jokes of the player. Jarl Elisif, for example, had to be tortured by a mountain of baskets and brooms after they got up. Another NPC was even found in a bed of food as he became awake.

Maybe the developers did not expect the developers’ inside of such jokes when they screwed on the physics of the items. The whole scene just acts urgent, because the items would behave as in real life. The only one that stands out in the clip is the participationlessness of the Jarls. Maybe he’s just annoyed by the numerous strokes.

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Where remains 6?

The fact that the community now buries NPCs under Item mountains could suggest that it becomes a successor so slowly. But the release of The Elder Scrolls 6 still seems to be in far away. So the title should be published only in 2024.

Due to the Microsoft Deal, The Elder Scrolls 6 will probably only appear for Xbox platforms. In an interview, Xbox boss Phil Spencer already confirmed indirectly that the release of the title is probably only planned for Xbox and PC.

Have you played similar pranks in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim?