Cooperative 2D Cooking Action “Lets Cook Together 2” announced for STEAM. Save the Earth through food, cooking adventure to crotch around the world

Poland Development Studio Yellow Dot announced on March 19, 2D cooking action game “ Let’s Cook Together 2 “. The corresponding platform is PC (STeam) and the release time is undecided.

“Let’s Cook Together 2” is a story-focused action game that is subject to cooking. The stage is the earth that people are in danger of extinction. Humanity was dweared to the actual resources for activities of life. No longer in the world, there is no food if there is no food. Under such circumstances, chosen and slight humans embarked to drastic measures to survive the world. Now, with the rule of Nutri Inc. with a spirit of excess zero waste (eliminated waste), the Earth is changing to anti-ideal distributors. A player will be chosen to be selected as a person, and it will stand up to save the world with the power of cooking. In order to bring peace to the earth, it is a player’s responsibility to make food that humanity can send a safe and sound life.

The player is played as a choice and played as a cook. It is the main purpose of providing handmade dishes from Italy to people from around the world to Japan. This work works in cooperation play and cooks up to four people. While making full use of various ingredients and cookware, please provide the citizens to the citizens. It is a basic game flow that procures food and cooking after breaking down and served in a plate. But that seems not to proceed so easily.

There are various structures of the kitchen, which is a stage. For example, it is partitioned by a long delivery counter, and the necessary food and cookware may be arranged on the opposite side of the room, respectively. The players will be cooked while rushing to the kitchen far from practicality and far. The kitchen is never wide. When you hit other players, your food and dishes will dance in the air. If you can not catch well, fall to the worst ground. If you do so, you need to clean the floor. Also, sometimes it will improve efficiency and throw the ingredients to other players. If the eye measurement is wrong, the ingredients thrown hit to another player and may cause the work to be interrupted. Thus, the factor of time loss is lurking to the time being.

The style of this work is reminiscent of the same cooperative cooking action “Overcooked”. In the same work, a laid stage appeared as the launching platform of trucks running and flowing to the river, but in “let’s Cook Together 2”, realistic kitchens are impressive. Dotabata motion that has a unique texture that is unique to a 2D graphic with a habit, and the hands and feet are unnatural texture, and it is impressive somewhere.

In this work, it seems that there is an element that selects the appropriate chef for each mission and upgrading the capture capacity. As a future schedule, a level editor can be installed with the kitchen by itself. In addition, parties that can be played in various challenges including battle mode and endless mode are also implemented. And, for each play, three players and four players, different level layouts are also scheduled to be done.

The development of “Let’s Cook Together 2” is to develop a development studio based in Gdansk in Poland. “Communication” is listed as the main theme, and it is a studio specializing in the development of cooperation games that everyone can enjoy together from skilled players to beginners. In the past, we have developed “Let’s Cook Together”, which is the previous work of the bomb cancellation game “Them Bombs” and “Let’s Cook Together 2”. “Let’s Cook Together” has acquired status “popular” from 43 reviews at the time of writing this paper. As a “Overcooked” follower game, it seems that the dot availability play can be enjoyed. Even in the sequel, a game play that has been brushed up is also expected.

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In this “let’s Cook Together 2”, while two to four people are cooperating with two to four people, it is introduced as “the work of the story of the story”. Through the food, an attractive story to throw a deep question is expanded, and it is anxious about what kind of story is drawn.

“Let’s Cook Together 2” is scheduled to be released for PC (STeam) and released time is undecided. Also, we are currently accepting the participation of closed beta version on the official site. In addition, early access version is scheduled to be delivered in the third quarter of 2022. If you are concerned, check it.