“Uma daughter Pretty Derby” new type support card appeared. Friendship training occurs in any training in the passion zone

Cygames has been updated on March 18 at “ Uma daughter Pretty Derby “. A new “group” type support card appears in the game. It is also done to add daily legend race functions and strengthen race real situation.

“Uma daughter Pretty Derby” has once accomplished a match and name record, and a cross media content that horses who have inherited the racehorse names that are named a history. The game version is a simulation game that players foster horse daughters as a trainer. On the update on March 18 today, a new “group” type support card has appeared in the game. So far, there has been a support card for speed / stamina / power / rhoot / wise and 5-state support cards and a friend type support card. The group that appeared as the seventh type support card is different from the conventional support card.

Group-type support cards have unique events and friendship gauges, and there is also a part similar to a friend type support card, such as to meet a certain condition. However, as a new element, a condition “passion zone” is generated by training with some events and group type support cards that have been moved out. During the passion zone, a group type support card and a friendship training will occur in any training. In addition, the event can progress in any order with each horse daughter who belongs to the group. None of the friend type support cards that make friendship training are not a new characteristic, and the width of the development may spread in the future.

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Multiple characters belong to group-type cards, and the same fostering horse daughter or support card as the affiliation character may not be organized. In addition, six people of Meziro McQueen, Rice shower, winning ticket, Narita Brian, Silence Suzka and Special Week are belong to today. The Illustration of the Support Card shows the Goldship as if it were a member of the group, but she is not included in the group on the system.

Also, from today, “Daily Legend Racing” has appeared in the game newly. Daily legend races are new features that can be challenged once a day by selecting one of the legend races held in the past. There are 16 legend races currently available. The opponent includes special Week, Symbol Lodraf, TEM Operao and the like.

When the race is won, although the amount of percentage is obtained as compared to the conventional legend race, the piece is available as a reward. If you spend a period of time, you can also release the target Uma daughter. In addition to this, today’s update, the development horse daughter [Brunisage Line] Meziro Bright has appeared, and the race real condition is also reinforced.

“Uma daughter Pretty Derby” is being delivered for PC (DMM Games) / iOS / Android.