Assassins Creed Up to 75%, Ubi Soft Spring Discount Start

Ubi Soft started a sale of spring, which sells a large number of new representatives, such as Assassin Creed, Park Rai, etc.

First, the Assassin’s Creed Series will be discounted up to 75%. Assassin’s Creed Bals can be purchased up to 60%, including deluxe editions, and Season Pass can be purchased at a 50% lower price. In addition, assassin Creed Odyssey is 75%, and Assassin’s Creed Origin is 60% discount.

The parsley series is then up to 80% cheaper. Last year, Pacai 6 released 50% discount, and Pacai 5 and New Dan can be purchased at 80% discounted prices in the middle.

Here, Rainbow Six Extraction Deluxe Edition released in January this year is 35%, Rainbow Six: Six to 67% discount. Among these, Rainbow Six Extraction will only be discounted until 18.

Ubisoft Store: Spring Sale | Ubisoft [NA]

Discount sales are held up to 31 days and provide 15% discount coupon. If you enter ‘Fresh15’ in the promotional code column, the discount coupon will be applied automatically. However, discount coupons can not be used with reservation purchases, in game, currency packs, merchandise products, and ubi soft +, and are not available with ubi soft connect 20% discount coupon.

For more information on Ubi Soft Spring Discount events, you can check through the Ubi Soft Store official website.