0: 5 at the Fürbach: DJK Ammerthal further in free fall

What’s going on with DJK Ammerthal? Before the winter break quite still in stroke distance to the top of the table, the Oberpfälzer has meanwhile nine counter residue on leaders FC Eintracht Bamberg. Also in the fourth match 2022, the Ammerthaler remained unsuccessful on Wednesday evening. Except for the modest 2: 2 draw last Saturday at the table top last in Aschaffenburg, Ammerthal brought nothing countable to the account. This also changed nothing in the Upper Palatinate Derby at the DJK Vorbach. While the one DJK is in an absolute molding crisis, the other has been in the upswing since the turn of the year and remained undefeated five times.

Locomotives Train ! DB Cargo 189 052-4 + 189 028-4 at Blerick, the Netherlands 8.3.2022 Trainspot!
Nonetheless, the encounter started the encounter. Both teams first came to degrees, but had not adjusted their target pipe correctly. With a little luck, the homelif in the 22nd minute then presented. Kohler picked up a corner with Haller and entered the penalty area. His shot attempt landed in the stitches in the stitches behind summer. Ammerthal had little later through Kobrowski the huge chance to compensate, but failed in the strong Christoph Lindner in the gate of the Gorgebacher. It was then with the glory of Hutzler-eleven, which subsequently fell into the trot of the past weeks and in the defensive again everything else as a saddlefest occurred. Everyone previously ex-teammate Niko Becker did not get the guests under control. First, the attacker chipped to 2: 0 (36.), two minutes before the break, he continued to increase by header and in the second round he made his triple pack perfectly in front of summer (69.). For the 5-0 final score, Jonczy with a rich graduation caused a pretty unilateral encounter. The DJK Fürbach improves by its third series victory on the ninth place in the table. The DJK Ammerthal lures a position and is now ranked seven.

Later double stop

New spreadsheet is the DJK Don Bosco Bamberg, but the SV SeligenReporten has long been a hard time, according to point reference Buzimkic (59.) and subsequent penalty leadership through Trawylly but the game could lead to the right tracks. While blissors fought back and Nyary met for compensation (69.), but Bamberg, which finally had more grains, slipped more grains through Eckstein (86.) and Sperlin (89.). While Don Bosco climbs a place in the table, the “monastery” continues to hang on the penultimate rank.