GTA 6: Announcement maybe much earlier than expected

It is a new rumor to GTA 6 in circulation. If you want to believe in an insider, the announcement of the game could come much earlier than previously thought.

Update 14 March 2022:

Rumor: GTA-6 insider speaks of early revelation

The development of GTA 6 has so far been anything else than easily. In fact, this had to start again in 2020. After Rockstar Games finally reported at the beginning of February that the development is now in full swing, now also reports an insider to word .

According to him, the chaotic story of the game seems to have turned to the good. Insider and Journalist Chris Klipple reports from an important milestone in the development of GTA 6 . It is not indicated to what these are, but it would be the consequence that the development is now quickly progressing.

According to Klipel, the official unveiling of the game should be conceivable at the end of 2022 . Until the release fans would have to be patient until 2024. We’ll keep you up to date.

Update February 4, 2022:

GTA fans had to be extremely patient with the Grand Theft Auto 6 in recent years. Now Rockstar finally left the cat from the sack and announced in a tweet that the work closest to the blockbuster series is already fully in progress . Although the developer preserves silence about most other details, but Rockstar also announces that the new project should exceed all previous ones.

Rumor: GTA 6 becomes a disappointment for fans

He refers to itself as an analyst, and if you want to believe Twitter users accng, could be GTA 6 for fans a pure disappointment .

On the one hand, he also mentioned that the development of the game sinks in the chaos. Already at the end of October, Editor Chris reported by R * likes, who has already published things earlier, which has proven to be known that GTA 6 is referred to as a development date. In the last weeks, the situation does not seem to have been relaxed.

“If the game is announced this year / at the beginning of 2022, we really have to worry,” wrote accnged in his contribution.

But there was something positive too. The expert says that GTA 6 will be a disappointment in many points, but not **.

The external content can not be displayed.

Assessment of Giga: We can not look behind the scenes of Rockstar, but more and more voices will be loud that GTA 6 is so far about anything but a graved game. So it is quite possible that in this information a granule truth is. However, the graphic seems to have left a positive impression. Of course, what ultimately corresponds to the truth can be judged until the game is on the market.

Update from 1 November 2021:

GTA 6 is to be in development for years, but that does not seem to run very well. The game is even referred to as “development degrees”.

Rumor: The development of GTA 6 sinks in the chaos

Even before Rockstar co-founder Dan Houser left the company in 2020, the story of the game should have been changed. According to editor Chris von Rockstar likes, the result of the departure Housers, whereupon Rockstar had to start the project from the front . But that does not seem too good.

In a post on Neogaf, Rockstar can not give any information about GTA 6 because “they have changed the story and other game elements in 2019 too often, so does not expect that there will be something to GTA 6 soon. This is the most chaotic project that R * has made it up to date . More than RDR 1 and GTA 5. “

(Source: Neogaf)

Original contribution from 24 October 2021:

So far, Rockstar Games is very much covered with GTA 6, but here sometimes something went through – that says at least some leader. Which rumors are currently circulating, we have collected for you.

GTA 6: Which rumors are in circulation?

Fans know that Rockstar has been working on GTA 6 for a while, but when the game appears, is still unknown **. Nonetheless, there are always persons who want to know something to play or may actually know – after all, rumors are constantly circuating the successor of GTA 5.

Most rumors could of course end up being wrong, but which are at all right in circulation? We have compiled for you exciting details. but consider it that nothing was officially confirmed!

Rumor: GTA 6 will be announced this year

That claimed at least Twitter users Thatssoold. According to him, it should be so far in November or December 2021 **. From RedDit comments can be read out that most of them keep this information for nonsense. The Twitter account of Thatssobold was banned after he brought this rumor into circulation, but that does not mean anything with regard to the truth content.

Assessment of Giga: That Rockstar Games announces the game this year is unlikely. According to Tom Henderson, who has already published numerous true leaks in the past, the game should not appear 2024 or 2025. In addition, there are still job advertisements for the game, so it is unlikely that Rockstar will soon announce it.

_Reddit-UserMartyC81 managed to secure a screenshot: _

Rumor: GTA 6 plays in Vice City

Rumors for the new “GTA 6” setting is already several, but a name fell suspicious – Vice City , already known from the GTA offshoot from the year 2002. According to Inside Gaming there is a huge one in the new game World in which you can travel between Miami and South America.

Assessment of Giga: It is possible that the Miami inspired metropolis is Vice City. Also in GTA 5 you can not only stay in Los Santos, but also visit the surrounding area. Since Rockstar Games and Take-Two are safely oriented at the success of GTA 5, a journey between Miami and South America is very conceivable.

Rumor: In GTA 6 there will be a female protagonist

Come sarà GTA 6 secondo TikTok... (Mappe, Trailer & Rumors)

Leaker Tom Henderson has, in the past, has all the information about Call of Duty and Battlefield leaking, but also GTA 6 is obviously a great deal of conversation.

In July 2021 he made a drawing to the game he called “concept of a concept”. To see is a woman, could quite pass as a female protagonist . In addition, one recognizes a man with a jet pack. He denied that the drawing is based on an actual “Grand Theft Auto 6” concept, much more should be created using existing assets.

Henderson had already made “Battlefield 6” features with drawings and his allegations have later turned out to be true – accordingly a lot of attention aroused his “GTA 6” drawing.

Assessment of Giga: that in GTA 6 may also play a big role in GTA 6, is quite possible. Already in an interview with The Guardian in 2013, co-founder of Rockstar Games Dan Houser said, that he held a female protagonist for possible , but no matching game has been found so far. Maybe GTA 6 is now the chance for Rockstar to offer playable figures of both sexes.

(Source: The Guardian)

Rumor: GTA 6 only appears for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X / S

Leaker Tom Henderson released a video with a series of alleged details about GTA 6. He says there, that the game will only appear between 2024 and 2025 . There should be some reasons for that.

On the one hand, GTA 5 is still too successful, Furthermore, Rockstar has focused heavily on “the well-being of the employees” in the last 16 months to avoid a “Crunch Culture”. Rockstar should also want to announce the game only if you can be sure to really be able to comply with the release date to avoid delays.

Furthermore, Henderson claims that GTA 6 will only appear for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X / S .

Assessment of Giga: When a probable release date 2024/2025, the point, GTA 6 seems exclusively for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X / S, quite realistic. Although there is still an acute console scarcity, which is likely to relax in the coming years.

Rumor: GTA 6 is available from Release in the Xbox Game Pass

Although games such as GTA 5 and Red Dead online are quite found in subscription services such as the Game Pass or PlayStation NOW, but with GTA 6 is not expected for the time being. This comes from a financial report of Publisher Take-Two. Company boss Strauss Zelnick wants to offer flagship games offer only for a full price , since subscription services in this case “no sense”.

Assessment of Giga: It can be assumed that Publisher Take-Two will actually avoid offering the game for subscription services – at least for the time being.

(Source: Gamespot)

Rumor: In GTA 6 it will give CrossSplay

To the rumors around the CrossSplay in GTA 6, nothing is known so far. However, it is to be assumed that Rockstar Games will also set an online variant in the “GTA 5” successor .

Assessment of Giga: Since the current online version of the game is already running well for about 8 years, we assume that Rockstar Games will once again hold this success concept with singleplayer and online content. However, it is still completely open which way Rockstar will go to the CrossSplay.


In favor of GTA 6? Rockstar strokes mysterious action game

Robert Kohlick

Scratched: GTA 6 is announced in GTA 5 with an event

Rockstar Games still looks for employees who accept the GTA 6 project. Among other things, a live Operations Coordinator are searched. These tasks include Designing and implementing marketing campaigns that are made within live services . Especially players from Fortnite should be known.

Assessment of Giga: With Fortnite Epic Games landed a hit and regularly attracts countless players with the big events when changing the season or public holidays. Rockstar Games also has experience with events.

In the weeks before the release of Cayo Perico **, GTA has been announced online the “Hastest Heist”. So it would be possible that the announcement of GTA 6 will also be celebrated in GTA 5.

_Nobot heard of Cayo Perico? In the trailer you can make a first impression: _

(Source: GameJobs.co)

Rumor: The Map should change with DLCs

In the already mentioned YouTube video Henderson talked about the structure of the map. In the new GTA game , future DLCs should change the MAP by events , as is usual in Fortnite among other things. In this way, not only new areas could be made accessible, but also certain areas are destroyed or closed. GTA 6 would therefore have a lively and flexible world in which players could experience something new again and again.

Assessment of Giga: It is well possible that Rockstar will in future focus on an interactive card to attract old and new GTA fans.

(Source: Tom Henderson @ YouTube)

Rumor: In GTA 6 there are destructible buildings

Since October, Rockstar Games is looking for a VFX artist who knows well with visual effects and the implementation of particle effects . Here is the speech of skyscrapers, which would fit well with GTA 6.

Particularly interesting is the details:

“We help the environment, characters, weapons, vehicles and many more additional life. The visual effects help to immerse the player in a credible world, from environmental effects for things like insects around the player and rain dripping from buildings, to large destruction events such as skyscrapers that fall on the ground. “

Assessment of Giga: The “destruction events” do not have to point out to destructible buildings, it could also be a script event, which can be seen, for example, in an intermediate sequence.

(Source: Rockstar)

Rumor: In GTA 6 is traded with bitcoins

According to insider Tom Henderson, players in GTA 6 are to be rewarded for the conclusion of some missions with Bitcoins instead of money. It should return the stock market function and additionally a broker for different crypt feeds.

Assessment of Giga: GTA 6 should have a modern setting. Well possible, that Rockstar is therefore on crypto feeds.

It will certainly give other rumors to the release of GTA 6. We recommend you to look regularly in this article to stay up to date.

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