Hütters Joy in the home

The relief was almost tangible after the important victory against the also berzusten Berliner in Borussia Park. That the foals remained without conceding for the third time this season, of course, the joy of the important threesome increased.

Chef Trainer Adi Hütter, currently not in use for Covid-19, should be a stone from the heart in the home office, because his team under the guidance of his assistant Christian Peintinger compared to the weak appearance a week in Stuttgart (2: 3 ) significantly improved.

We are often fueled after a victory in Lethargy. We absolutely have to confirm this victory and become more constant.

Christian Peinfinger

Striking how little chances of chances to allow Borussians in 90 minutes, but also against an offensive limited opponent. “It was our plan to take the opponent with force and speed. That succeeded,” Peintinger satisfied. “We wanted to bring the fans behind us with our aggressiveness and have had the heart in the right place.”

Whether the coach responsible this time will continue to be on Friday in Bochum as a boss on the line, is still open. But the Austrian clearly made what he expects the next appearance from the team. “We were often often after a victory in Lethargy. We absolutely have to confirm this victory and become more constant.”

Gladbach without conceding – for the first time for four months

For the first time for four months, the Borussians remained without concedor, also survived the short penetration phase of Hertha after the change of pages, on the other hand and drove quite carefully the important victory. Anyway, Peentinger was a pleasant and pretty relaxing evening at Borussia Park.

“I enjoy the moment; it’s an honor and makes me proud. Besides, I had a lot of fun on the line,” says the Hütter Wizard.

Berliner Philharmoniker

To the good mood at the winner, of course, the comeback also contributed by Captain Lars Stindl, which has been replaced in the final minutes and is still enormously important to the Gladbacher team with his presence in the coming weeks.

So relief, all-clear but there is of course not still threatening. “We have to be honest and say that of course not all was good in our game,” says Matthias Ginter, who scored the important second goal by header. The warning of the national player: “It is not suddenly all the construction sites away, and we are not for a long time.”