Los Angeles Chargers bring Khalil Mack from Chicago

As NFL insider Ian Rapoport reports on Thursday, the Los Angeles Chargers have secured the services of Star-Pass Rusher Khalil Mack. For the 31-year-old, the Chargers send a two-round pick from this year’s drafts as well as a six-round pick 2023 to the Chicago Bears, where Mack played in the past four years.

The explosive powerhouse changes the team via Trade for the second time in his career. In 2018, the Bears Mack had brought for several draft picks – including two First Rounders – from Oakland Raiders, where he had been chosen to the Defensive Player of the Year in 2016.

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Crazy, crazy, NFL! The last days in the league were wild. Among other things, Quarterbacks Russell Wilson and Carson Wentz has changed the teams in Blockbuster trades. We help you in this episode to keep track of the events of the last days. Kucze, Detti and Shuan from the footballery as well as grille from the Khalil Mack talk about the transfers of Russell Wilson to Denver Broncos and Carson Wentz to the Washington Commander. In addition, of course, the contract extension of Aaron Rodgers at the Green Bay Packers is a topic that makes him the highest paid player in the history of NFL. But also the tragic history of Calvin Ridley, who was blocked for a year for a year for a year, is addressed. Just like the distribution of franchise tags of individual teams and the prominently occupied market of Free Agents. Straps: This episode is about millions. Hundreds of millions! The next episode of “Icing the Khalil Mack” is available on March 24th. Photo Credit: Imago / Zuma Wire

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Los Angeles Chargers reportedly add Khalil Mack, AFC West loaded | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports

After the trade, the Bears Mack temporarily had the highest paid defensive player of NFL history. Meanwhile, this title has Aaron Donald from the Los Angeles Rams. According to the former record contract, the Chargers reportedly assume now complete, Mack is intended for the three years remaining time to collect just under $ 64 million. In the past season he had been able to complete only seven games in Chicago injury.

The obligation of the chargers may probably also be seen in response to the change of Russell Wilson to the Denver Broncos. The AFC West, in which the chargers play, is now continuous with high-profile quarterbacks, which Mack should hunt now. He has a high-caliber partner in Joey Bosa. Together Bosa and Mack are likely to count the most dangerous pass-rush duos of the NFL in the coming season.