How to upload custom images in wwe 2k22

WWE 2K22 is currently available for download on all platforms, and players are wondering how to upload your own images, renders and designs. The game has cross-platform support, including the general library of community creation library, allowing players to upload unique cosmetic objects for each superstar.

WWE 2K22: How To Upload Custom Images! (Tutorial)

To upload your own images and renders, visit WWW2K.com to visit WWW2K.com. Enter, specifying your platform data, and select Upload images . Start the game and visit Creations of the community in online The players tab can download up to 50 images to the library. Select Image Manager To access all images downloaded from the website.

Similarly, players can upload individual renders through the official website. However, some required parameters must be observed. For example, the render should not have the background and must be loaded as a user portrait with a resolution of 512 * 512.

Players can also add religious figures, not necessarily fighters to play with this function “Create Restlera” (CAW). You can visit the section “Community Creations” to check the projects that have received the greatest number of votes and downloaded.

Here you can download legendary wisters of different eras, such as sting, see Punk, Chris Jeriko, John Moksley and some others. Players can also download various champion belts, arena and Move-Sets shows from community creations. You can check all the downloaded designs on the “Image Manager” tab.

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