Cave Sandbox Survival “Core Keeper” is strongly slipped with Steam. Earn high rating from people who love underground

At Steam, the cave sandbox action game “ Core Keeper ” seems to have a strong slippage. This work has started early access delivery from March 8 for PC.

“Core Keeper” is a sandbox action game that sets the auto-generated underground caves. The player establishes a base in a place where there is an ancient artisan called a core. While digging the wall, expand the behavior range and discover new rooms and passages. Collect resources and develop a base. Sometimes you may encounter an enemy or boss, and you can also acquire valuable resources from the boss. The resources collected, craft tools used for mining and weapons to fight monsters, and further expand the scope of activity. In addition to solo play, this work also supports up to eight online cooperative plays.

“Core Keeper” has increased players steadily since the start of early access delivery on March 8. On March 9th, the number of simultaneous connection players peaks 12,628 people. This paper has also maintained more than 7,000 user-based users (STEAMDB). A fully new IP work will be a successful number.

Core Keeper - Underground Deep Mining Sandbox Survival

STEAM Store Review has already been added more than 500, and the status has won “very popular”. As a game genre, there are many users who analogy sandbox games such as “Main Craft” and “Teraria”. It seems that the fun of proceeding with the unknown world is acquired high praise. “Terarian” official Twitter, a tweet is posted to introduce this work, and the diffusion by the same tweet may also be contrary to strong. It is also one of the characteristics that there are many highly rating for multiplayer. If there is an environment that can play with friends, it can be said that it can be enjoyed.

Developer that works on this work is a studio pugstorm based in Sweden. As a past, “Radical Rabbit Stew” is released in 2020. The same work is an action puzzle game that blows off the enemy rabbit and beats in a stew pot. The number of reviews of the Steam page is nearly 60 reviews, but also the status of “very popular”. “Core Keeper” seems to be developing and developing studio essence, such as densely drawn dot pictures, as well as genres.

“Core Keeper” is in STeam during early access delivery for PC. Price is usually 1320 yen. It is available for 10% off 1188 yen until March 16th.