WhatsApp: Beware of status – legal consequences threaten

The spread of certain content at WhatsApp is prohibited in Germany.

Germany – WhatsApp is one of the most popular communication services worldwide. In 2017, the app got an upgrade and thus the status function. Consumers can share everything with their contacts there. Some content should not appear in the status but in no case, because the publication makes users punishable, as Beware * reports.

Beware of WhatsApp status: Which purpose the upgrade for the users has

WhatsApp was developed for quick communication – and is very successful. 58 million Germans are supposed to use the app according to Messengepeople daily.

Most of them keep relatives and acquaintances about the communication service on the latest state. Who not only wants to achieve one, but right away all contacts, posts something in the so-called status.

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Beware of WhatsApp status: Which content users prefer not sharing

There usually land photos or videos with a caption of a variety of topics. These are visible for 24 hours before being automatically deleted. However, users should be careful, because in the post of certain content, legal consequences threaten. The manufacturers have already taken care of more security when using the app *.

The content that would rather not be posted is both popular and obscene material. Users who share images, statements or videos with their contacts in status should therefore well consider whether the contents are attached or not.

Otherwise, it will be given to you similar to a family father in 2019, which according to merur.de had to court due to its WhatsApp status.

Beware of WhatsApp status: post of false content leads to the trial

This has posted a video cutout from the time of National Socialism. The cutout was according to data for 80 seconds, and should have shown a picture of the fascist toner next to the NS symbols. At the same time a text with the inscription “I fought against the Jewish tyranny.”

24 hours the digital content could be called by all contacts. In court, the man is said to have answered that he is not right-radical, and thus not identify with the clip. He should have found the video ridiculously, and asked for you who get so much time and money into the video.

However, the court should not have seen the facts so easily. This is of the opinion that the man wanted to worry about his status for rights. Therefore, there was legal consequences for status on WhatsApp (more Digital News at Beware).

Beware of WhatsApp status: legal consequences threaten in false content

Due to popular commitment and the use of forbidden symbols, the defendant was sentenced to a fine. Since he confessed his guilt and the act is for two years, the court should have imposed 75 daily rates of 10 euros each.

According to stern.de this was still a mild judgment. For theoretically, a prison sentence of up to three years would have been imposed on the facts of the economic commitment. Therefore, the police should also be warned against distributing forbidden content. Because even in chats these materials are punishable *.

In WhatsApp groups of adolescents, more often obscene pictures and videos should be shared in which children are visible. Sharing such content is meanwhile be punished significantly harder than a few years ago, because now the sending of such materials is considered a crime. _ * Beware is part of the editorial network from phenia.media._

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