VfB around classes better “as Gladbach: Summer with plain text

On a new one: once again, the Gladbacher had presented a weak appearance in this semi-stroked season – and despite the interim 2-0 leadership in the acutely descent-threatened VfB Stuttgart. At the end was a 2: 3.

And a deserved 2: 3 on top of that. Gladbach’s captain Yann Sommer could not contradict that. On the contrary, with his team already with his team at Steute 51 goat-standing 33-year-old Swiss spoke in an interview with “Sky”: “Of course it is hard to cope with it. But I have to say: I think we’ve lost today today, She (the Stuttgart; anm. D. Red.) were better in the second half of classes than we – in all matters. “

Summer took simply no leaf in his analysis: “So you just can not win a Bundesliga games.” But how could it be that in recent years so strong Bundesliga club suddenly with twelve saison residues even four points before relegation Square 16 (Hertha BSC) and only five counters before the first relegation rank (Stuttgart) is? “Exactly the same question I also ask myself,” said the keeper. “We just had no chance to win this game.”

“Then we are asked as a team now”

In detail, the visibly depressed summer was also: “If one sees now, for example, only the last goal. We just are poorly in the sixteen meter area. We do not appreciate the danger correctly where it is. And I mean that Kalajdzic Good striker is, we knew that before – and then he stands al1. “

Borussia M'gladbach - VfB Stuttgart 1-1 | Highlights | Matchday 8 – Bundesliga 2021/22

According to the Schlusmann and Captain, Borussia has now experienced many such moments in games, “where we’ve fallen apart and no longer had access as well as today in the second half”. That’s why the passionate Stuttgarts also, “If I may say that, show us a bit,” so summer continued. His solution: “As a team, we are now asked to accept this situation and to defend us – and necessarily make it better in the next Bundesliga games.”

He could not contradict his coach Adi Hütter: “We have given a 2-0 lead from the hand – and not undeserved. We could not do so much with our leadership. We did not manage to defend well. And you just can not lose the important two-fighting. ” That all put together “has brought us to the losers street” – again.

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