Elden Ring: Location of the Card Fragment of the Weeping Peninsula

For the stained, which passes through the well-guarded bridge of the victims to the rich of the crying peninsula, it will be practical to get a map fragment before they can start their journey ELDENRING . As with each region, which is explored for the first time, the release of the war nebel, which surrounds the area surrounds, by getting a card fragment contributed to a better content clearance of the region and also serves to highlight certain points of interest that potentially interesting and could offer tempting rewards. Against this background, this guide explains how to receive the specific object for the Weeping Peninsula.

Where is the card fragment on the Weeping Peninsula?

The map fragment is located south of Burgwall of Castle Murne , near the main road through a vertical stele with engravings. It should be noted that this is common practice for being ELDENRING , where card fragments are generally located on similar structures with identical design. Upon arrival in the bridge of the victims. The player could find a NPC called Irina on the roadside, she will tell you your wish that you see her father stationed in Castle Morne. Players should take their letter if they are interested in continuing their search, which will lead to the outermost south of the Weeping Peninsula.

After the player has made his decision, he should continue to conflict the main path that conflicts him with half-men and monsters, the human remains. After such encounters, the players should finally find themselves again with the Castle Morne Ramparts, who have a site of Grace and a nearby hiking dealer. After being rested, the players can go down the path over the gap in the boundary wall, this should lead them to the stele. Getting the card fragment should completely reveal the topography of the region.

After receiving the card fragment, players should be able to identify a high, standing building in the distance, this building in question is Castle Morne, the place where Irina wanted to deliver their letter. Players who want to approach Castle Morne must dodge the arrows fired by a bow-swinging golem. Such activities are best done to horse, as the damage that causes the enchanted arrows of the Golem is quite strong. If the player proves to be successful, he finds himself back in the walls of Castle Morne, in a place of Grace by the Castle Morne elevator . The players find on-site Irina’s father and at the end of their conquests also a great sword swinging boss.

Elden RIng - Weeping peninsula map location
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