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PS Plus and PS Now work as a single service for certain users

It seems that rumors about the imminent revelation of Project Spartacus do have some credibility after all. We say this because certain users, both about PS5 and PS4 , report that after having renewed their memberships of PLAYSTATION PLUS , Sony is also taking into account this same subscription as if it is Try one of PlayStation Now.

PS Plus and PS Now being discontinued? New PlayStation service to compete against Game Pass!
Some users of Neogaf report that after subscribed to PS plus , or after having renewed an existing subscription, they are receiving a subscription to ps now totally free for the same duration. For example, those who renew their membership of PLUS for 12 months are also receiving a subscription of PS NOW 12 months at no additional cost.

Other players who already had subscriptions for both services report that there is also a strange bug with their names. At the time of viewing the names of your subscription, you are seeing two subscriptions to PS plus instead of seeing individual subscriptions of PS Plus and PS Now . However, those who are only subscribed to one of these two services have not seen any change in their subscriptions.

Of course, there is also a possibility that this is a simple bug, but it would certainly be a fairly interesting coincidence. Apparently, Project Spartacus would be revealed during an important event of PlayStation this same month, although to date, Sony has not yet given it any official date to this alleged presentation.

Editor’s note: I think now we are seeing the first vestiges of Project Spartacus. And since last year, several tracks have pointed out to their existence, but Sony has done a “good job” by protecting the secret to date. Sooner or later we will have all the official details.