G123 “Vivid Army” is held just before the third anniversary campaign!

CTW Corporation has announced the implementation of the campaign that the official Twitter hit the campaign in the official Twitter, ahead of the 3rd anniversary that is delivered in the game service “G123”.

CTW Corporation will carry out a campaign where electronic money will hit by the official Twitter, ahead of the 3rd anniversary that is delivered at the game service “G123”.

# 3rd anniversary campaign held soon!

Total 60,000 yen Electronic Money hit more than 100 people!

# # Campaign application method

1. “Vivid Army” Official Twitter Account Following
2. Campaign Tweet RT
3. Automatically arrive DM for completion of application

“Vivid Army” official Twitter is here

# # Present contents (lottery)

· Bit cash 10000 yen × 1 person
· Bit cash 500 yen × 100 people

# # Holding period

March 4, 2012 (Fri) -March 9 (Wed) 23:59

Bit Cache Code Notes

· The number is the management number, and the hiragana is the code.
· Bit cache is not available for services other than G123.
· Please note that you can not charge my vit cache.
· Expiration date is until 23:59 June 30, 2022.

# # Other notes

· We will return the winning announcement with TwitterDM for winners.
· Please note that you may not be able to receive winning notification DM if you do not follow the “Vivid Army” official account.
· Campaign contents may be changed without notice.
· If you apply for multiple accounts, you will lose winning qualification. Please note.

# # Game start is here

Gameplay URL: https: //s.g123.jp/9vtihfze
Official site: https: //g123.jp/game/23

basic information

Game Title: Bived Army Genre Price Official Twitter: https: //twitter.com/vivid_army_

# What is G123 (Giichinisan)?

On smartphone tablet PC web browser, it is a game service that enjoys carefully selected high quality games without unnecessary member registration.

Official site: https: //g123.jp/

# About CTW Corporation

A comprehensive internet platform service company that operates the game platform “G123 (Giichinisan)”.

Company name: CTW Corporation: 〒 106-0032 Hongmi 1-9-10 Arc Hills Sengoku Yamamori Tower representative: Sasaki Ryuichi Established: August 2013 Capital Capital: Platform Business URL: Platform Business URL: https://ctw.inc/

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