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ASSEMBLE Entertainment: Spendet Save The World

The Wiesbaden Publisher Assemble Entertainment has decided to support Ukraine and the Ukrainian people in the current situation. Therefore, Assemble will be collected all the contributions, which will be collected over the period from 01 to March 31, 2022 on sales of Save The World Editions, usually for partners such as onetreplanted, Ocean Cleanup, Gogiveone, Atmosfair or Sharethemeal, unique instead to the Ukrainian Red Cross to donate.

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Assemble offers many of its games not only in the standard edition, but also in so-called Save the World editions. With the purchase of a Save the World Edition, players and players can not only show their special appreciation and secure bonus content such as soundtracks or artbooks, but also do something good and donate for a charitable organization.

Each title has individual cooperation partners. When buying a Save The World Edition of Endzone, for example, Assemble per sold unit plant a tree over the partner organization onetre planted, at Leisure Suit Larry – Wet Dreams Dry TWICE donates Assemble for each Save The World Edition about Sharethemeal two meals in need suffering children. All amounts together in the month of March will now be donated to the Ukrainian Red Cross just exceptionally.

Assemble founder and managing director Stefan Marcinek comments: “We all at Assemble are still deeply shocked and stunned by the Russian invasion in Ukraine. From the desire to support the Ukrainian people in his cruel situation, we have created ideas and discussions internally immediately after the outbreak of the war, which part of which we can afford as relatively smaller, German games publishers. We have now decided to donate all Save The World contributions collected in the month of March to the Ukrainian Red Cross. We do this in the hope of at least a little less relieving the suffering of Ukrainians and Ukrainians and hope for a quick, peaceful solution of this conflict. “