Video of the switch emulation at Steam Deck disappears from YouTube

For many, Steam Deck is a good alternative to switch . While there is no legal form to enjoy super Mario Odyssey or Breath of the Wild on this platform, this is where the emulation enters the scene. During the last few days we have seen several videos that show various titles of the Nintendo console running on the new Valve product. However, as fast as this material appears, it is also eliminated from social networks .

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During the last days, users have reported that videos showing the switch emulation at Steam Deck have been eliminated from YouTube. Although for the moment it is unknown who is behind these cases, the main suspect is Nintendo , who constantly carries out this practice.

A particular case is that of a YouTuber known as The Phawx, who published a video on the channel of it with more than 55 thousand subscribers, where we can see Yuzu, the Nintendo Switch emulator of open source, running at Steam Deck. Unfortunately, This content was eliminated, something that also happened with a video focused on Dolphin , the GameCube emulator.

In social networks, Some fans are against Nintendo’s decision to eliminate this type of videos , since at no time is promoted to piracy or shows how to lower ROMs, and the approach is to know performance of emulation at Steam Deck. This was what a user commented:

“In those videos, not once, he said it approves piracy. He did not show how to download the Rom from another site.

He simply showed how to emulate the games on the machine.

This is 100% legal. But Nintendo abused the DMCA system. And this is simply incorrect “

On related topics, Valve talks about Cases of Drift in Steam Deck. In the same way, they have already opened this console, and it looks.

Editor’s note:

Although there are those who may be in favor of Nintendo at this point, many of the complaints that the company receives could be avoided if they only offer a way to enjoy legacy in the switch, out of some NES, SNES and N64 games.