[Todays steam] Eldon Ring, Rost Arc beats steam to the second place

The heat of the Eldon ring does not eat. Rather, the momentum is climbing. He defeated the Lost Arc and climbed to the second top simultaneous connection.

As of 10 am on the 3rd day, Eldon Ring recorded 82,527 people at the top simultaneous connection. Less than 89 million recorded on the 28th, but the number of users of the roast arc will be reached 2nd of the concurrent number of connections, as the number of users of the Roast arc decreased to 81 million lines.

At the time of the release of the PC version, the steam user evaluation, which has received a ‘complex’ score, has been changed to ‘very positive’. Surprisingly, it was naturally recovered naturally even though there was no separate patch or update. If the evaluation that has been greatly improved is so rare, it is very rare. As the number of reviews, the number of reviews, which was 10,000 was reached at the time of release, it is recovered to a level similar to the preliminary evaluation.

Except for the active of the Eldon Ring, the number of concurrent users has significantly decreased, and there was no significant change in the ranking itself.

Elden Ring: ‘Best Game Ever’, MIXED On Steam?

In the steam worldwide sales product rankings, Paul Guizen: Ultimate knockout (Paul Guiz) showed up. Paul Guizen launched a 60% off sale at the same time as launching the Rescue Costumes on the past 2 days, and it was awarded the steam at the world’s ranking 7th. The Risk of Lane 2 DLC, which is ranked second in the second day, 2 days, is still ranking.