Larched and hot “Shadow Warrior 3”

Global Indie Games Publisher di Bolber Bandigital announced that Flying Wild Hog developed the latest work of FPS Game Shadow Warrior series, Shadow Warrior 3 (Shadow Warrior 3) released on March 2 through PC, PlayStation and Xbox platform.

Shadow Warrior 3 is the main character, and his former boss and the entire pollution, and now, with the Colleagues, the ancient drugs that they are unpacked in the Prison of eternity with the fellow Orozira.

It is characterized by a different experience in the previous series, while quickly capturing the goal and shooting, the hand tasting is a great experience in the previous series. From the public dash, you can manipulate the character, and you can feel the cruel room through a powerful execution technology, through the air dash, the head of the wall, the head of the wall, and the stepping execution technology.

Meanwhile, Shadow Warrior reboots the 1997 year of 3D Realms, renowned for Duke Nuchak 3D, and Di Bolber Digital is distributed since 2013. Shadow Warrior 3 is a new technical replacement, which is a new technical replacement, and a more comfortable gameplay.

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More information on Shadow Warrior 3 can be found through official Twitter and site.