Australia denies the rating by ages to Rimworld, unveiling a possible port for consoles

As happened in his day with Disc Elysium, the Australian government agency in charge of assigning a classification by ages A, among other things, videogames published in the country has not granted a classification to RIMWORLD , the celebrated Simulator of spatial colonies of Ludeon Studios. This absence of classification basically prevents the game in Australia; In this case, however, you have to make a note, because Rimworld takes on sale in Australia since 2016, when it was published in advance access in Steam, so this new accident seems related to a new port for consoles not yet announce.

The suspicion comes from the mention, on the page of the Australian Classification Committee, Double Eleven as a computable of the game, along with Ludeon Studios. Double Eleven is a company known to develop and publish versions for PC Game Console, from Goat Simulator or Prison Architect up, more recently, the Rust_Port_. Although no port is not announced, the presence of Double Eleven has made the alarms skip, especially as this classification arrives a few years after the launch of version 1.0 of Rimworld, in 2018.

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The reason why classification the game has been denied, by the way, it is that “sample, expresses or dealing with any other way of sex, misuse of drugs or addiction, crime, cruelty, violence or disgusting or abominable phenomena of A form that is offensive for the standards of morality, decency and decorum generally accepted by a reasonable adult “. It is, indeed, the same word word per word that occurred so as not to classify Elysium album.

Rimworld presents itself as a “generator of stories”, a game in which a complex simulation is generating different situations according to what happens at all times; For this, there is a “narrator” that is taking things for some sides or others, tensing more or less situations according to their personality: one is more unpredictable, another is more relaxed, another more moderate, etc. From the shock of these systems, increasingly complex (the expansions have been adding more variables, from ideologies to inherited traditions), all kinds of stories arise, some of them unexpectedly fucked up. As a Steam review says, “Quilombo is wear every two, always gives someone psychotic outbreak and even a rat can leave incapacitated an armed settlement with a shotgun.”

Finally, it is worth taking into account that the decisions of these ages classification agencies can change over time, as in fact it passed with Elysium album: After a more detailed review, it was determined that the game was for adults, reasoning That his argument was “complex and nuanced” and that the use and abuse of alcohol and drugs (two characteristics that Australia punishes strongly) was presented in a way that ultimately “disincentive” its use in real life. Not only remains to be seen if Rimworld will run the same fate (in the case of Elysium Disc, ZA / UM had to orally expose the reasons why they believed that their game did not deserve to be prohibited, for example), but when that hypothetical is announced Port for consoles.