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Street Fighter 6 goes viral, but the reason is curious

Street Fighter 6 - Teaser Trailer
Recently, Capcom Street Fighter 6 has announced with a teaser trailer. And while “beat ’em up” fans close to joy into the arms, the internet crashes to a very specific aspect of the teaser and the new logo.

Street Fighter 6: Why does everyone talk about the logo?

If a new game is revealed, the social networks regularly run hot. Especially on Twitter and Reddit new announcements are celebrated, analyzed and brought into the trends. So even in the case of Street Fighter 6, which was announced from Capcom recently with a teaser trailer .

While Capcom is not expected, however, is the fact that less about the game is talked about the logo of the latest offshoot.

Thus, in the teaser trailer, not only the new look of Street-Fighter-Virstein Ryu is presented, but also the logo of Street Fighter 6 and that looks unusually bieder **. Especially compared to the previous logos that has always looked very dynamic and tearing:

That was the occasion for some memes. So shortly after the announcement, for example, this tweet viral, which merely shows a discord icon or is it the “Street Fighter 6” logo:

Reiner coincidence or but pure laziness?

But still Another circumstance ensures a surprise and skeptical looks . Capcom has simply bought the logo for $ 80 on the Stock Photo page of Adobe? This guess expressed the Creative Director of Ars Technica, Aurich Lawson, on Twitter:

This Tweet also went viral and moved various threads to Reddit, where it is amused by the supposed laziness of Capcom when choosing the “Street Fighter 6” logos.

Kotaku also dedicated his own article to this find and illustrates a bit more precisely as frightening similar to the Stock Photo and the logo of the game. Whether Capcom will still comment to this fact remains to be seen for the time being.