Inhalt des Warzone Attack on Titan Armored Titan

Call of Duty’s collaboration with the popular Anime Series Attack on Titan is continued with another thematic cosmetics package in Call of Duty Vanguard and Warzone Pacific. In January 2022, a cosmetics package around Levi Ackerman was released by Attack on Titan. Now there is also a package based on the fearsome Titans.

Throughout the life of Warzone, players could spend their hard-earned money for cosmetic packages with anime designs. Until recently and the publication of the Levi Edition bundles, these were unspecific and had no relation to existing anime series. However, things change and another licensed anime cosmetics package has descended to Call of Duty Vanguard and Warzone Pacific.

Here you will find everything you need about the knowledge Warzone Attack on Titan Armored Titan Bundle The a ship’s blueprints, a sweet double XP token and of course contains one of the most striking and obscure skins we ever in a call of duty titles have seen.

Release date of the Warzone Attack on Titan Armored Titan Packages

The Armored Titan Attack on Titan Warzone Bundle has been published at 22. February 2022 and is available now.

Warzone Attack on Titan armored Titan package content

The “Warzone Attack on Titan Armored Titan” package contains the following items and costs 2,400 cod points:

  • Armored Titan – Legendary Roland-Skin
  • armored strength – ultra-storm rifle blueprint
  • Colossus – Legendary sniper rifle blueprint

  • Antisersonen – epic handgun-blueprint
  • Unstandable force – Legendary Roland Highlight Intro
  • Die-Urnal – Legendary clock
  • Titanium Serum – epic charm

Attack On Titan - Armored Titan - Tracer Pack Mastercraft - Warzone Showcase
* Paradise lost – Legendary emblem
* Donnerpiers – Business Card
* Wall Titan – epic spray
* Double XP token – Common consumables

Well, these are now all the details about Warzones Attack on Titan Armored Titan Bundle. Some new blueprints for some of the best warzone weapons? Yes, please.