Ark: survival evolved

Games PS Plus March 2022: Four games between which Ark stands out, a classic of the MMO

It is already ending the month, that we already know that game “Major Battle Phantom Parade” Playable Character Additional 1st and New Record Voice Samples are released! Famya Voice ac”>February is shorter. So in PlayStation, they have been in a hurry and have already made official and the list of titles that will arrive at the service PS plus during the next month of March. Proposals for all tastes with action adventures, competitive and survival.

So on the campus of March at PS Plus we find games known as Ark: Survival Evolved , which will be available for free for all service subscribers who claim it within the indicated period.

Then we leave you with the games that are offered in the service, and then a brief description. They can be downloaded from 12:00 noon (peninsular time) next March 1.

Ghostrunner (PS5)

First-person action adventure that stands out for its futuristic aesthetics. With a style that can remind ourselves to Mirror’s Edge, we will have to make impossible jumps and face enemies in sword combats in hand to get to the end.

Team Sonic Racing (PS4)

Basically, it is a very crazy kart racing game with the characters of the Sonic Universe. With various circuits and many power-ups to make the life of the rivals impossible and cross the finish line in first position.

ARK: Survival Evolved (PS4)

PlayStation Plus Monthly Games - PS5 & PS4 - March 2022

A game that surely many know about being the protagonist of Arkadia, one of the events organized by YouTubers that has been generated in recent months. A MMO of survival in which you must adapt to a hostile environment to survive. Getting resources and crafting to be prepared before all kinds of creatures and enemies.

Ghost of Tsushima Legends (PS4 and PS5)

It is the cooperative version of the award-winning Ghost of Tsushima that can be enjoyed autonomously, without having the base game. It is inspired by Japanese mythology and we will face all kinds of enemies and creatures, in battles in which it is important to choose well among the four available classes.