McPixel Advance 3

The first McPixel game is a collection of microjuegos that has a common weft: McPixel is in a danger situation that should survive to save the day (or save himself, at least). It is played as a graphic adventure with time limit whose default interaction is to stick kicking in the crotch: it is simple, basic and sole, but it works as a shot because it dominates the times of the Slapstick comedy and the absurd. Almost a decade later we will have a sequel that demonstrates from the title that its creator SOS Sosowski knows perfectly at what we come: the second part is skipped to go directly for the third.


Basic information

  • Developer: SOS Sosowski
  • Editor: Return digital
  • Platforms: PC
  • Proven version: PC

  • Availability: 2022

McPixel 3 grows to offer a Hub with its own puzzles, from which levels are accessed. Once we entered the level we have to solve half a dozen dangerous situations that come topped by a slightly more complex levels and by special levels. The twisted logic of classical graphic adventures becomes material for dozens of jokes. In just five minutes he gives time to throw a fish through the window of a train, piss in a spacecraft, dissolve the protagonist in gastric acid and try to land from a burning plane using a shovel as a parachute.

McPixel 3 | Coming 2022
The main novelty of McPixel 3 is a Gags marker that allows us to take the account of the situations that we are left to discover to get 100%. Although a priori seems a great idea to invite to discover all possible combinations, I am worried that the full game bet too much about completeness. In the demo you can unlock an extra level without the need to get everything, but I do not know if there will be any limitation to the progress in the campaign.

Microjuegos have also been added within the microjuegos themselves, with driving levels, shoot ’em up or even a _beat’ em up. His clumsy handling, which maintains the graphic adventure scheme, converts these brief phases into small controlled disasters. The third great novelty is, of course, Steve. You will already know him.

As it happens to me with the original, at times it feels a bit superfluous talking about it: it is like trying to explain the attractiveness of the short “man hit by soccer ball” with words. I can dedicate a thousand words to analyze the timing of each interaction or detail their references, but it will never be as funny as experiment with their levels and try to reorder the different interactions to obtain different results. Maybe there is time for that in the analysis, but for the moment you have a demo to try Steam.

Mcpixel 3 is developing for PC and “other platforms”. You can try the demo in Steam between February 21 and 28.