PSVR Headset – now in bundle with VR Worlds to the Toppreis on offer [Advertisement]

At OTTO you now get the PSVR Starter Pack V2, which next to the Playstation VR-Headset for PS4 and PS5 also contains the mini-game collection VR Worlds, for 199 euros instead of 299 euros on offer. According to comparison platforms, the headset has not been so favorable for more than one year, neither in this nor in another bundle.

This is because the PlayStation VR Headset has long been very bad. Even now it is hard to get to another dealer, it is the too much excessive prices. Otto, on the other hand, promises a delivery in two to three days. The offer runs only until tomorrow, unless it is sold out. Already according to Otto, only a few copies are in stock. Here you will find the deal:

PSVR Starter Pack V2 incl. VR Worlds instead of 299 € for 199 € at OTTO

What does the PSVR starter pack offer?

The PSVR starter pack contains the PSVR headset in the slightly improved version V2, the PlayStation Camera and all necessary accessories such as cables and processor unit. This also includes the camera adapter needed for use with the PS5. The Mini Game Collection VR Worlds is available as a download code. It contains the games The London Heist, Ocean Descent, Scavengers Odyssey, VR Luge and Danger Ball.

PSVR Starter Pack V2 incl. VR Worlds instead of 299 € for 199 € at OTTO

Buy now or wait for PlayStation VR2?

Sony has already announced a successor to the PSVR headset called PSVR 2. This will be far superior to the older model, among other things due to the higher resolution (2,000 x 2,040 per eye instead of 960 x 1.080) and the cameras integrated into the headset. However, there is no official date of publication for PSVR 2 yet. The headset is likely to appear at the end of the year at the very late year, possibly even next year. Whether it is well available or if it will be similar difficult to get like the PS5 is also open.

The price is not yet set, but it is likely to be far higher than the current offer for the older headset. In view of the specifications, a price of around 500 euros would not be surprised. Who is waiting, will ultimately get a much better device, but must patience and possibly bring a big purse. More about PSVR 2 you can hear here:

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