Now Galaxy S22 with Buds Pro and 20 GB data volume in Telekom

On the 9th of February, Samsung has introduced the new Galaxy S22 . If you want to belong to the first, which keep the new smartphone in your hands, you can strike at MediaMarkt. Here you get the phone, the matching Galaxy Buds Pro and a mobile phone contract with 20 GB data volume + Flat in the network of Telekom in bundle!

Here is directly to the offer at Mediamarkt

Galaxy S22 + Buds Pro + 20 GB Data volume: That’s the deal

The deal includes the two devices on the one hand. The S Amung Galaxy S22 is brand new and appears in the coming week. As a delivery date, Mediamarkt gives the 11. March on. There is also the appropriate in-ear headphones Galaxy Buds Pro , which are perfectly aligned with the smartphone.

On the other hand you get a really great mobile phone contract . 20 GB data volume , a Allnet-Flat for telephony and SMS in all German networks. The whole thing in the popular network of Telekom and with a download speed of up to 25 Mbps . The minimum contract period is 24 months**.

Costs and savings

First, the overview of all costs that come to you, if you decide for the offer of MediaMarkt:

  • One-time device price: 49 Euro
  • Monthly basic fee: 36,99 Euro
  • Connection price: 39,99 Euro
  • Total price (for two years): 976.75 Euro

Your savings

Savings are calculated from the difference of the total price of the offer and the total price which would pay you if you would buy the items of the bundle directly. Here are the costs:

  • Samsung Galaxy S22: News 849 Euro at MediaMarkt
  • Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro: Current 125 Euro at MediaMarkt
  • Telekom Green LTE 20 GB: Current 19,99 Euro Mtl. \ – Connection price 29,99 Euro
  • Total price (for two years): 1483.75 Euro

Overall, you save with the offer so whopping 507 euros!

Secure Galaxy S22 + Buds Pro + Telecommunication now

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