Laping announced in Ludwigshafen

The FV 1920 Dudenhofen has certainty that he will play for the coming season in the Oberliga. The 5-0 against Viktoria Jägersburg eliminated all the residual doubts on the qualification for the rise round, in which, of course, the point spacing is too big to be seriously thought of the regional league.

On Saturday, guests from Jägersburg initially tried to offer Paroli, but after a quarter of an hour, the game shares tilted to the side of the Dudenhöfer. Neuner made the beginning with its leadership gate in the 19th minute to a matter of this time. Even before the break, Kevin Hoffmann (26th) and again nine (32nd) on it. The Viktoria did not have much to lose much and came a little better in the second game section. But here too, the FVD in between, Häussler (52.) and Styblo (56th) broke the moral of the guests final.

Oberliga RLP/Saar SC 07 Idar-Oberstein gegen FC Arminia Ludwigshafen

Her hopes for a jump over the line has preserved the TSG Pfeddersheim against the table top last FV Eppelborn. At the 3-0 success, Dautaj became the undisputed matchwinner, who scored all three goals. The FVE had a great opportunity during the 90 minutes by a bubble free kick, the TSG goalkeeper Stofleth thwarted, otherwise not much to burn. For Eppelborn, it is now clear that it will move into the relegation round.

There, the second team of SV Elversberg will become an opponent. The SVE reserve had to do it on Saturday with the table-second Arminia Ludwigshafen and recovered from the early residue by Bormeth (9th) immediately, as the 10th minute the 1: 1 achieved. The 3-1 victory, the Bormeth (48.) and Monetta shot out (penalty, 90th), pushed something in the background, as it became known around the game that Chef Trainer Marco Laping will settle in summer. “The double burden of occupation and the coach office at the Arminia unfortunately has become too big for me and both can no longer be connected. That’s why I decided heavy heart to this step,” says Laping in a report of the Arminia. The new boss will promote the previous co-trainer Andreas Brill, but laping wants to support sporadically.