Father wants to lock children the Internet

Between midnight and 3 o’clock in the morning, the mobile network did not work in the French city of Messanges. A mobile service provider called the competent authority Agence Nationale of the Fréquences (Anfr) to help the cause, which could locate the cause: A family father had installed a jammer. Now he threatens a money and imprisonment. First, the online magazine bleeping computer reported.

According to its own information, the AFNR determined that a jammer (Jammer) was used. This sends radio waves to the same frequencies as the mobile devices, overlay them, and thus prevents the devices can connect to the mobile masts.

Dad accidentally shuts off town's internet to keep his kids offline | France News | NewsRme
A technician of the AFNR was able to follow the interference signal up to a house in a neighboring town. There, the homeowner admitted to have bought and installed a sputtering station on the Internet. The use of disturbers is illegal in France as in Germany. In France, penalties of up to 30,000 euros and six months prison threaten.

Internet loss in French city: “Amazingly simple” explanation

“The explanation was amazingly simple: the family father had installed the interference transmitter to prevent his teenagers from going to the internet with their smartphone, rather than falling to fall! His children were indeed addicted by social networks and other applications, especially since the starting locks imposed by the Covid-19 epidemic, “explained the Anfr in their report.

“After consulting forums on the internet, the father decided that a spoke was the best solution to put an end to this excesses,” it continues in the report of the AFNR. The transmitter was obviously so strong that he took the full neighboring location the mobile connection – even if that was not the intention of the family father. The AFNR reported its fund of the prosecutor’s office, which confiscated the device and examined the incident.

This article was written by Moritz Tremmel