Repair the same level as a switch (organic EL model)? Steam Deck Thorough Degraded Videos are released-Explanation about replacing batteries and sticks

Device Decomposition Guide Site IFIXIT has published the decomposition video of mobile gaming PC “ Steam Deck “.

Valve Posted a Steam Deck Teardown Video, New Info, And Warnings

The other day, it was announced that the Valve’s STeam Deck replacement part will be regularly sold from IFIXIT. In addition to this announcement, the site released the device’s decomposition video. STEAM DECK’s decomposition videos itself was published last year from Valve formula, but this is a digging down to the details of the device.

First of all, Valve advises “if you make a mistake if you make a mistake if you make a mistake if you do not get backwards” with official videos, and suggest that you can expose household goods or life to danger as an example of firing due to battery damage. was doing. On the other hand, IFIXIT expresses this at the beginning of the video as a slightly grieved warning, “Netabare Note: We did not die.”

IFIXIT first introduced that sticks and SSDs can only be exchanged with drivers. In particular, sticks have problems with many consoles, and they were not easily replaced.

VALVE official videos remained in the decomposition of the above two parts, but IFIXIT has disassembled and analyzes all other parts. For example, when removing the motherboard, discover that various components are responsible for multiple breakout boards. This is that one motherboard does not depend on the device’s function, that is, it will be established as a replacement part without being an expensive motherboard.

Besides, videos are also introduced to removing batteries and displays. IFIXIT evaluated Steam Deck’s Repairability Corcor 10 out of 10 points (as close to 10 points). This is the same degree of repair level as the Nintendose switch (organic EL model).

In addition, the IFIXIT official site is released as an article of the main part of the decomposition video as an article. If you would like to analyze the device carefully, please check if you plan to repair yourself in the future.