Wow developed “camping integration is conservative”

Last 31st, the World of Warcraft (Wow Wow), said that the development of the development is promoting the consolidation. Dungeon, Most of the attacks are parties, even if the campaigns are different, The camping integration will be applied on the 24th, Wow: The Dark Last Update will be introduced directly to the next patch after the end of the last update forever. The fact that the camping integration is what many users have requested, and why did the production team decided to introduce campaign integration?

On the 16th, Wow, we could hear a detailed attitude of the concern from the Costa Gaming Director and Sarah’s Sarah Senior Level Designer. The reason why the production team introduces the consolidation is to meet the requests of users. Stores have shown that the forces to sustain the division between the camps were shown, and that users wanted to implement them in the development of the development, they have decided to implement them in the game.

However, we added conservative approaches for the production of camped integrated content. It is important that the integration between the camps is that it is difficult to withdraw to prevent withdrawal when it is difficult to withdraw. Above all, it is a row that I will not undermine the fundamental part as much as I have developed the content in the premise of the camp for 17 years. However, content expansion of content has taken a positive attitude.

In addition, I could listen to a variety of stories about the end of the ‘Eternal’ to decorate the Darkness. A query response to several field content, stories, etc. added with the new regional ‘Zeresmorths’.

Q. I still want to have a 9.2 update, but I want to hear personal assessments about the desktop compared to the last expansion packs.

Wrong Costas : This expansion pack was very combat and ambitions. I want to create new things with no foundation, and all these things would be appreciated to the developing team that all the things that all these things are well-melt. And it is not that it is not that we have achieved many users’ dreams and hopes that we have loved the characters like the Wu Na Daka, who loved,

Sarah One: : This world is really proud of the development team. It is very big challenge because it was proud of being more developed. Nevertheless, there are more the world I want to show.

Q. Alliance and Horde’s campship integration content is a very good news, and the background to be introduced is wondering.

Wrong Costas : The consolidated contents of the camps are what users have been asked for the past few years. Just know that there is a voice of concern. The false conflict itself was Wow’s main element, and it was a long way to adjust the value of the game in the direction of the game. As the user continued to see the community response and opinion, the user thought about the direction of looking at Wow.

At the end of the troubles, the last expansion pack, I thought that I was trying to continue the division of the camp, and I thought about sharing this to the users. The camping integration is a very large task, but it can not be seen immediately, but I will apply to the next patch.

** Q. The dungeon, an attacker, and a rating grounds, are only applicable to average,

Wrong Costas : The concert integrated content is very positive, while it is very positive, while it is very carefully approached. It is difficult to withdraw any of the factors that can be used between the camps. Because it is a semi-permanent decision, it is conservatively approaching to not bounces unexpectedly, unexpected oriented. It has been developing content in the assumption that the camp is separated for the last 17 years, but it is functionally very difficult to change this. However, it seems to be positive for content expansion.

Q. There may be cases where the progress will depend on certain progress among some content, in this case, I wonder how to build the camping integration.

Wrong Costas : The integration of the camp is only applied to some dungeons and attacks, and some content is different from the camp. Azoroths of Multilateral Battle and the battlefield will vary depending on the progress of the belonging, and this part is to be tuned steadily with user feedback.

** Q. I wonder if the Alliance Horde Integration will affect the item design form of the camp. Did other designs are subject to the same item,

Trying Costos : There is also a part of the integrated part, but the identity and pride that the camp have not been able to take away. I want to get a unique item for each camp.

Q. The end of eternity boasts a very vast field content. Does this expect the user to experience any experience?

Sarah One : I hope that users feel mystery in the environment of Zeses Mortis and get information about the founders through exploration. The founder has given a compensation structure that can be communicated with the founders, and has been listed on the automatic machine. All users have tried to make compensation and enjoyment.

Q. In the last interview, 9.2 updates would be the greatest of Warcraft Saga. How will the story will develop? Do other characters that have been forgotten in the current story still plan to appear in the story?

Wrapping Costas : In Warcraft Saga, we will continue to solve the clue to the death, domination, and Artes’ story in the future. Existing characters can also appear if necessary for storage.

Q. In the case of a single combination, the entry barrier was lower, but the problem of the gap between the user equipment is not easy.

Trying Costas : The first series of users have made it easy for users to easily access PVP and have no separate team. This is a lot of experimental factors, so there is not yet closely associated with other systems. Through the feedback gives the user, the first person will continue to update the contents of the first person in a long-term perspective.

Q. This 9.2 update was released to a variety of usage effects with powerful abilities.

** I worried that the equipment and the jewel gain through the headache were more attractive to the user to come to the user more attractive to the user. To this end, we have tried to create items that have been reflected as much as possible. If you get an item that is revealed by the head characteristics, you thought that the head and the combat will have a more significant and positive impact.

Q. As the descendence of the contents of the Darkness, the content of the content is longer, there are many players concerned about the next update schedule. I want to hear about the development status.

Trying Costas : First of all, thank you for all the users who have waited for the update of the darkness. Since there was a role like Corona, the development of development has suffered a lot of difficulties. The following updates will now complete the current 9.2 patches, and will give you more information.

** Q. Just as it is included in the raid as he died of an implant, the classes that fall down are used as raids.

Trying Costas : The step is to be adjusted until the end. There is a period of adjusting once again for a week after launch. We will further adjust it based on the data that comes out in the meantime.

Q. Finally, ask for a word for Korean users.

I am worried about Costos : Thank you for all the users who enjoy the Darkness and wait for the update. This 9.2 update thinks that there will be a waiting reward. Jessees Mortis want to have a pleasant adventure. I hope you enjoy the story to be in the future.

Sarah – Sarah One : I wonder what users do in Zeszaemorths. This is very good that the most favorite part of this mysterious world is what is the best part.